Guitars and backing vocals

Emil is the guitarist for Hunter-killer. He is what I like to call a riff machine and has excellent execution when it comes to solos. Emil has been in previous bands including Martyr(Chicago), Brutalized, and Deist.



Max is the drummer for Hunter-killer and is the newest member of the band. Max jumped on board in early 2016 and has been crushing it on the drums giving Hunter-killer a sound that we never thought we would achieve. Max has been in previous bands including Martyr(Chicago), Whorrid, Worms Inside, Deist, Blood of the Wolf, and also is currently crushing it in an amazing band Disinter!


Bass and Vocals

Andy is the bassist and vocalist of Hunter-killer. Since first becoming active in the Chicago metal scene as a bassist, Andy played in many death metal bands that embrassed his passion for extreme heavy hitting bass. At the same time he wanted to find a project that was in the same vein as some of his favorite bands ranging from Iron Maiden, Dio, early Metallica, Iron Savior, Judas Priest, and more. At this point Andy decided to start forming an idea along those lines with an aggression and melody with guitarist Emil. Andy was in previous bands including Mordrid, Martyr(Chicago), Deist, and Elbow Deep.